Mulch Products

Drought has risen to the forefront in California, with water agencies obligated to cut statewide consumption and impose restrictions on landscape watering.   Using certified organic mulch around trees and plants can:

  • Save up to 45% of the water used on landscapes
  • Reduce landscape water evaporation by up to 70%
  • Kill and prevent unwanted weeds without herbicides
  • Insulate the soil keeping plants warmer in winters and cooler in summers
  • Reduce soil erosion by cushioning the impact of heavy rainfall

The mulch slowly decomposes into the soil as years pass creating a suitable environment for plants and trees to flourish without large amounts of water.

Our customers have come to rely on our expert and reliable services.  Since 2004 we have proudly supplied and placed top quality products for:

  • Property managers
  • HOA’s and homeowners
  • Parks and school playgrounds
  • Public Works and Agencies

Sustainable, renewable resources comprise the source material for MulchMaster’s products.   Throughout the state, we collect old trees and plant material from farms and orchards that regularly recycle their stock.

Our products are palm-free and meet the guidelines of the EPA and California’s own state requirements. Adherence to these strict procedures, including regular ongoing testing of the material, provides assurance that the products will not pollute storm water runoff.

Download a copy of our Water Conservation Brochure.

Featured Products

Stonewood Mulch promotes soil health by allowing water, nutrients and maximum air ow to the soil. Its perfectly sized hardwood pieces naturally hold together on slopes and act as an ‘obstacle course’ for rainwater and overhead irrigation, slowing down the water so the soil can accept it at its slower rate. This prevents erosion and helps ensure soil health.

Download a copy of our Stonewood Mulch Brochure.

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Stonewood Hardwood Chips are sized exactly to meet Caltrans Specification 20-5.03E(2)(c) Wood Chip Mulch.   Furthermore, this Stonewood product is stringently engineered from clean, sustainably harvested orchard wood.   Stonewood Hardwood Chips add value because they last longer and can survive more wet seasons than soft woods.

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SW Chip

Happy Heifer™ brand organic cow bedding is a best management practice for dairies, providing maximum cow comfort plus cost- and labor-efficiency for the farmer.  Happy Heifer is soft, naturally absorbent and non-abrasive, so dairy cows stay dry and comfortable.

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Ask us about our premium Playground mulch. Clean, tested and meets all quality specifications!