Happy Heifer Cow Bedding

Happy Heifer™ brand organic cow bedding is a best management practice for dairies, providing maximum cow comfort plus cost- and labor-efficiency for the farmer.  Happy Heifer is soft, naturally absorbent and non-abrasive, so dairy cows stay dry and comfortable.

Happy Heifer bedding is ideal for use in all traffic areas and stalls, with uniform support for resting cattle. It offers sure footing for the herd, and minimizes risk of injury to udders, hoof cuts or infections often seen with hard and abrasive almond shells.

Happy Heifer is selectively and stringently engineered from 100% virgin fines from clean, sustainably harvested orchard wood. Happy Heifer bedding is soft, long lasting and exhibits excellent ventilation and drainage properties to inhibit pathogen growth.

When recycling the used bedding, Happy Heifer is an excellent high organic carbon, low-nitrogen, low-ash, ultra-low to zero sodium compost input product.

For organic compost operations where input products must be tracked to the source, Happy Heifer is tracked to the source/field of origin.  It is a highly cost-efficient and labor-efficient, cradle- to-cradle bedding product.

Happy Heifer is sustainably produced in Central California using state-of the-art, low-emission, P.E.R.P.- and D.O.O.R.S.-registered equipment.


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