Stonewood Mulch

Stonewood Mulch is ideal for common areas, slopes and placement wherever quality wood mulch is needed. The product’s method of processing enables it to hold effectively on a slope, with its ‘tangle feet’ creating an interlocking nest- like effect when applied with our pneumatic blower trucks. Its larger sizing and lack of fines make it safer and lasts longer than ordinary mulch blends.

Stonewood Mulch promotes soil health by allowing water, nutrients and maximum airflow to the soil.     Its perfectly sized hardwood pieces act as an obstacle course for rainwater and overhead irrigation, slowing down the water so the soil can accept it at its slower rate. This prevents erosion and helps ensure soil health.

Since we remove the fine material from the product, rain and irrigation water are not trapped by the mulch cover and can enter the soil’s root zone where it belongs. And because Stonewood allows water to pass through quickly, it is more resistant to mold and premature breakdown – giving you a lifecycle up to three time longer than conventional mulches.

Before and after Stonewood Mulch application. Stonewood conserves water and beautifies slopes for several years to lower overall costs.

Stonewood’s ‘tangle feet’ create an interlocking nest-like effect to minimize loss of material on slopes and public areas.

When installing organic mulch, making sure the product will be safe and not contaminate runoff or groundwater is an important consideration. Stonewood Mulch represents an engineered ground and slope cover solution that has been quality tested and field tested over many years.

Stonewood Mulch is carefully tested to ensure it contains acceptable pH levels, salt content, and is certified free of fecal coliform and salmonella. In addition, the product is tested for heavy metals as required for storm-water pollution prevention plans (SWPPP).

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