Agricultural / Environmental Services

In nature as well as engineered systems, mulch is a highly effective bio-filter. The water quality in our lakes and streams has been a primary focus of our Country’s environmental laws for several decades. In many agricultural areas, excess fertilizer, animal waste and other pollutants are responsible for high nitrate levels in groundwater. Plants and algae can use the nitrates, but too much can cause algal blooms and pose human health risks.

MulchMaster constructs and supplies mulch products for onsite water quality improvements called “de-nitrification basins.” These improvements can play a significant role in cleaning agro ecosystems before polluted runoff water has the opportunity to leach into the groundwater or flow into nearby lakes or streams.

MulchMaster supplies its products for bio-detention basins to treat storm water runoff, as mulch encourages microbiological degradation of petroleum-based pollutants, aids in pollutant filtration and reduces soil erosion.

MulchMaster serves the needs of growers with clean, finely ground organic material for a variety of agricultural uses, including amending soils and in potting mixes. Our finely sized mulch can help optimize the pH balance of soils for specific crops such as blueberries that thrive in more acidic soil, or help balance highly alkaline soils.

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