Biomass Energy

MulchMaster is a supplier of clean biomass, which is converted to energy in power plants designed to use this material to create steam power or electricity. This energy is called biopower.

Beneficial biomass use can be considered part of the terrestrial carbon cycle—the balanced cycling of carbon from the atmosphere into plants and then into soils and the atmosphere during plant decay.

When biopower is developed properly, emissions of biomass carbon are taken up or recycled by subsequent plant growth within a relatively short time, resulting in low net carbon emissions.   Biopower is developed in several ways, typically through burning, gasification or anaerobic digestion processes.

In the United States, we already get over 50 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity from biomass, providing nearly 1.5 percent of our nation’s total electric sales.  Studies published by the US Department of Energy anticipate this share could become much greater in the future.

MulchMaster supplies superior quality biomass fuel that features:

  • Efficient sizing for power plants
  • High carbon content
  • High BTU
  • Low ash content
  • Excellent for export

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