Our Services

Orchard Removal

We are a leading service provider to the agricultural community. Professional & dependable.

Mulch Products

Quality mulches, tested and certified for public areas, communities, parks and playgrounds.   Find out more.

Mulch Application

Our fleet of trucks has you covered. Specializing in hard-to-reach areas.

Grinding/On-site Mobilization

We specialize in sourcing equipment and solutions.

Agricultural/Environmental Services

Engineered products for soil amendments, bio-filtration and more.

Biomass Energy

Superior quality biomass fuel, perfect sizing and high BTU content.

Why Us?

Professional and Service-focused.

Our commitment to customer service drives everything we do.

Certified Experience

Our experienced staff are trained and certified in their field, and have completed extensive training in safety and environmental protocol.

Licensed Contractor

We are a licensed Contractor in California – License #903055.

California Small Business

We are a certified California Small Business  #1763185.

Experience Counts

MulchMaster has served our industries in California for over a dozen years.

Statewide Reach

We offer professionals, equipment, and superior service in both Southern and Northern California to meet our customers’ needs.

Featured Products

Stonewood Mulch

Stonewood Mulch is ideal for common areas, slopes and placement wherever quality wood mulch is needed.

Stonewood Hardwood Chip

Stonewood Hardwood Chips are sized exactly to meet Caltrans Specification # 20-5.03E(2)(c) for Wood Chip Mulch. Furthermore, this Stonewood product is stringently engineered from clean, sustainably harvested orchard wood.